Love, Limericks and LA LA Land


Hi y’all,

As always, there’s much phenomena unfolding in the outer world this lovely/dreary springtime, and especially for the good folks here at Erica Steiner Fine Art (meaning: me, zee artiste, Mochi, my studio-dwelling kitty-cat, and Aaron (a.k.a “Jo-Jo,”) my faithful sweetie who helps me to wrestle paintings in and out of my car and road warrior our way bravely up and down the California coast).

First, I am excited to be a part of what should be an awesome four- person show, featuring Serge Armando, Lino Martinez, Matteo and myself at Continental Gallery in downtown LA, courtesy of the good people at Phantom Galleries LA and Edgar Varela Fine Arts. This is a HUGE space, and will include the lion's share of my current and available work. The opening is Thursday night, March 12th,  from 5-10pm,  part of the downtown LA artwalk; all info is posted on my events calendar page.  Aaron (a.k.a. "Oso Pajamas" a.k.a. "Jo-jo" (above)) and I will be making the trip down for the opening, so if you’re in the area, take a night off and come and hang out with us!

Also in LA, I have a piece in what promises to be a very cool show, “High Strangeness” at the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, curated by Donald James Krieger, who describes the concept of the show as follows:

The term “high strangeness” originates from the world of UFOlogy. The term describes phenomena that has been widely reported and even documented, yet can never seem to be proved scientifically as existing. The show collects a group of artists who are influenced by this body of alternative knowledge. The work in this show reflects an interest in the numinous, the luminous, the uncanny and the unexplained. Most of the work in the show does not deal directly with these issues, but uses them as a sort of matrix from which the work springs. The work is in a variety of mediums, to signal that the ideas behind the work is a unifying aspect. The exhibition space is being transformed into a series of experiential zones, with work in a variety of mediums playing off of each other.

Participating Artists:
Laurel Beckman, Heather Carson, Dorit Cypis, Dana Duff, Paul Evans, Juan Gomez, Norma Jones, Donald Krieger, Carl Smith, Erica Steiner, Jeffrey Vallance, World Imitation Productions

Krieger has chosen a piece from the “Planetary Memory” series, which, to me, seems like an exciting and natural choice. Info, again, on my events calendar page, and on the postcard below (click the thumbnail).

Click the thumbnail to see the postcard image for "High Strangeness" at Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, in LA.

So, friends, that's the haps for now. Thanks so much for your ongoing interest, and for supporting and engaging with the arts. As always, please feel free to contact me at with any questions, thoughts, comments, or if you’d like to sing me a song or write me a limerick. I’m game.

Peace, love and art,